Anti-Microbial Floor Coatings

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Medical Facilities

Some of the most dangerous pathogens pass through the halls of hospitals, nursing homes & clinics. Our custom floor coatings give microbes one less place to hide helping patients and residents both young and old.

Pet Kennels & Boarding

Dogs, cats and other animals in tight quarters can create a breeding ground for smells & diseases. Our non-absorbant custom floor coatings make it easier to clean and provide a safer place for pets.

Gyms & Locker Rooms

Wet, damp, or sweaty spaces are a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Help your athletes and employees stay cleaner and safer with our custom floor coating options.

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A protective coating can help prevent viral and bacterial infection in gyms, stadiums, playgrounds, restaurants, homes, and offices. Polyurea floors are easy to clean and provide a protective coating to help fight against the coronavirus. Installing the ideal type of floor or coating is a practical way to reduce the risk of infection.

A polyurea floor coating inhibits bacteria infestation; hence, you find it in medical facilities. It creates a seamless surface that prevents the buildup of mold and other contaminants. Polyurea coatings enhance slip-resistance without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

The ideal floor coating for plazas, schools, airports, and government buildings stays clean for longer and prevents contamination by viruses like the Covid19. The formation of bacteria or mold compromises the health of occupants. Hence, the need to consider installing a protective coating like polyurea.

Flooring with seams allows water and a wide variety of contaminants to accumulate, thus undermining the health of occupants. As microbes like the coronavirus spreads around the world, you should consider preventing infections by installing polyurea floors. This type of floor coating seals cracks and crevices to counteract the buildup of contaminants.

Polyurea coating is also effective at repelling water, thus inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. Unlike epoxy coatings, polyurea is resistant to chemical spills and stains. For this reason, polyurea offers significant benefits when applied in homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, and nursing homes.


Polyurea Floor Coatings & The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Disinfecting Polyurea Surfaces


Invisible respiratory droplets of viruses can trigger mild or severe illness due to the transmission of viral pathogens. An infected person can contaminate surfaces and the air around them. As a result, nearby people inhale the infected droplets or come into contact with contaminated surfaces.

To break the cycle of transmission, disinfect surfaces and apply a floor coating like Polyurea that does not absorb water and allow microbes to fester. Studies conducted by the Emory University revealed that regular household disinfectants like a diluted bleach solution and soap can kill viruses like the Coronavirus on surfaces.

Fortunately, ordinary household disinfectants can deactivate a virus. According to a report published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, viruses like Covid19 can remain active in the air for three hours and can persist on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to 72 hours unless sanitized.

Businesses should be aware that failure to wash hands regularly can lead to transmission. Meanwhile, they should use household bleach or a diluted sodium hypochlorite solution for outdoor and indoor sanitization.


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