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A Brief Intro to Epoxy Floor Coating

What is epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy coatings are basically durable coatings that could be used for different applications and purposes – from durable coatings and paint for metals and floors to strong adhesives. The actual epoxy coat is produced through a chemical reaction involving a polymine hardener and an epoxide resin. When both these chemicals are merged, it leads to ‘curing’.


This process could take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours, turning the epoxy coating liquid into an extremely durable and strong solid. In other words, once the chemical reaction is complete, what’s left behind is a rigid plastic material that’s resistant to degradation, is durable, and bonds exceedingly well with its substrate.

Due to its ability to produce a durable, chemically resistant and robust substance, epoxy coating compounds have multiple uses or applications. Epoxy coatings can be found in use in industrial manufacturing plants; different automotive, marine, and electrical applications; composite materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber. As mentioned before, epoxy coatings also come in handy as durable adhesives.

Epoxy Coating Uses

Epoxy coatings are commonly used as floor coatings or paints. Major reasons for their popularity could be their quick drying abilities, toughness, and the protective coating shield they offer to metals and various other materials. Unlike conventional heat-cured powder coats, epoxy coats are easy and quick to apply, which makes them ideal for multiple applications. The following are some major epoxy coating uses:

  • White goods coating: Epoxy coatings are often used as powder coatings on driers, washers, and various other “white goods” due to its easy application and durability.
  • Automotive and marine: An epoxy coating would serve as a primer for preventing corrosion and making sure paints stick to the surface of automobiles.
  • Steel corrosion-resistant: Fusion-bonded epoxy powder coats are used to protect steel fittings and pipes from corrosion. These are pipes generally used in water transmission pipelines, oil and gas industries, and concrete reinforcing rebars.
  • Metal can and container: Metal containers and cans are usually treated with epoxy coats to mitigate rusting, particularly when those cans are used for packaging tomatoes and other acidic foods. • Flooring: Epoxy coatings could be used as floor paint within commercial or industrial settings.

Epoxy Coating Flooring Applications

When used on the floor, epoxy coats lead to a long-lasting, durable flooring solution. Epoxy coats get used on concrete floors in different industrial and commercial applications, including in manufacturing plants, retail and commercial stores, warehouses, industrial plants, showrooms, hospitals, airplane hangars, and garages.

Floor paints and epoxy coats offer a high-gloss, decorative finish that comes in a range of styles and colors. The decorative choices available with epoxy coatings include terrazzo flooring, colored aggregate flooring, and chip flooring. Epoxy floor coatings provide a chemically-resistant and easy-to-clean flooring solution, which you may apply directly over old or new concrete floors.

Applying Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy garage floor needs solid floor preparation for a good coating job. This typically entails some kind of either shot blasting, floor grinding or acid etching for concrete profiling. If the prep work is done right, the epoxy coating would not adhere as it should. Repairing or patching any concrete damage, such as cracks, before applying the epoxy is needed as well.

A high-quality epoxy floor coating system usually entails multiple coatings for a resistant and tough coating that would last years. Quite often, this may mean applying an epoxy primer first. The primer binds to the concrete, thereby providing adhesion to the layers and an overall higher build quality.

Difference Between Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is basically a flooring solution comprising multiple epoxy layers. It then gets applied to floors with at least a depth of two millimeters. Confusion usually arises when an epoxy floor is compared to epoxy floor coating. There are differences between the two – the major difference being the epoxy’s depth. Epoxy floor coatings usually have an epoxy coating less than 2mm.

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