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Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Economical and Durable Solutions for Industrial Floors

Industrial and other floors that are subjected to high levels of attrition and wear and tear need protection that allows them to last longer, so that operations on them are not interrupted for any required maintenance. Here is where an epoxy resin coating stands out from other options . What is epoxy floor coating? It is a coating that is also known as resinous flooring and is one that besides being highly durable and sustainable is also decorative and can be customized. It is a long-lasting coating that gives high resistance to the normal abrasion and wear and tear that industrial and other heavy use floors are subjected to.


Epoxy is chemically distinct from the floor paints that are in regular use. It consists of two parts. One is a polymer resin and the other is a hardener. These two components require to be properly mixed, and once this is done, the epoxy resin and the hardener react with one another, and that allows them to bond with each other and the floor on which it is applied. The resulting chemical bond helps to create a plastic material that is stiff, durable while being highly resistant to degradation. Epoxy coatings bond very well with the substrate to which they are applied.

The epoxy coating gives you a flooring surface that has multiple layers of epoxy and is best when applied to a thickness of up to two millimeters. Epoxy floors will have thicknesses that exceed this. Epoxy coatings on floors create a surface that has high gloss, making the surface durable and hard-wearing. They are quick to install and relatively easy to clean, and this makes for ideal flooring solutions for many floors that are constantly subjected to heavy traffic and use.


 An epoxy floor coating creates a surface that is seamless and easy to clean. They can be easily wiped free of any debris, dust, or dirt that can land on them. This makes these floors ideal for floors in industries like pharmaceuticals, beverage and food preparation. The resulting floors on which epoxy coating are applied become hard and durable, and give this performance for many years, thus reducing the need for maintenance and repairs. The high gloss shine makes these epoxy coated floors attractive. They are available in many different colors and this allows industries to create easily perceived zones of use that can add to the working and safety on factory floors. Thus traffic and work zones can easily be distinguished.

Epoxy floor coatings are highly resistant to chemicals giving them an added advantage when they are used on floors in industrial and manufacturing plants, and warehouses. They improve safety as they can be made slip-resistant. Epoxy coatings are also resistant to heat and are fire-resistant. When applied in bright colors they can greatly improve brightness in working areas and reduce any need for artificial lighting, and thus lead to cost savings. It also helps to reduce wear and tear on the tires of transport vehicles.

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Epoxy coated floors are considered environmentally friendly and may be considered a green building material. Most of these products are self-leveling and easy to apply, and can just as easily be applied over old floors. It is important that any floor on which the epoxy coating is to be applied to be clean and free of any oil, grease or any other solvents. The floors must also be free of cracks and these must be repaired, cured, and dried sufficiently before any coating is applied.

Cleaning concrete floors to the required standard required for epoxy floor coating can require several attempts, especially if the floor is old and used. Epoxy coating on floors often require more than one coat, and the first coat must be dried completely before the next one is applied. This drying process can take a couple of days. Wet epoxy coating can emit strong fumes and the area where it is being applied must have adequate ventilation. Epoxy coatings may not adhere easily in damp environments.

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