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How To Choose a Contractor who makes the best epoxy floor coating

The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring And How To Choose A Contractor

You may be wondering what epoxy flooring is, why it’s gaining popularity, and how you can incorporate it into your workplace or even your home. If you’re questioning how to choose a contractor who makes the best epoxy floor coating, then this article is for you. We’ll try and clear the air on what epoxy flooring is, and how to choose a contractor that will knock the socks out of your feet when it comes to epoxy application.


Epoxy flooring is a unique material that is used in schools, hospitals, garages, industrial warehouses, and sometimes, even in homes. To make epoxy, liquid resin and a chemical hardener are mixed. A chemical reaction will then cause them both to change into a solid plastic floor in days.

Epoxy flooring is usually applied onto a concrete floor, which has been smoothened and thoroughly cleaned. The result after the application of two or three layers is a durable, shiny, and stain-resistant floor. There are numerous benefits of applying installing epoxy flooring, and these include:

  • It is cost-effective. The cost of materials and installation are not huge, and this makes it an excellent investment.
  • It is stain resistant. Due to the glossy finish, epoxy flooring does not absorb any liquid and chemical spillages. It is relatively easy to clean-up after any mess.
  • They are easy to turn into works of art. Epoxy floors make it easy for anyone to design patterns of any kind onto them. This is why they are growing in popularity in schools, hospitals, and even in personal, home spaces.
  • It brightens up interiors. This is because their finish is quite glossy.
  • Easy to install. Epoxy floor installation does not require specialized equipment.
  • Surfaces made from epoxy flooring are very durable and can withstand the demands of industrial applications.
  • If you can choose a contractor who will make the best epoxy flooring, you are guaranteed to enjoy a surface that you will enjoy, and that will last you many years.
  • Epoxy flooring does not call for a lot of maintenance.

As much as it’s tempting to try and install an epoxy floor yourself, it’s best to leave it to professionals. This is because once the resin and hardener are mixed, you will have very little time to work with it before the coating begins to solidify.

Here are a few pointers to consider when choosing the right contractor to make the best epoxy floor coating for you.

1. Do Your Research

This may not be obvious to everyone, but different epoxy coatings will work for different surfaces. Find out about the types of coating that are available and which one is good quality and would fit your needs.

2. Ask If Your Contractor Is Licensed

If your contractor has no license and is not insured, then you may suffer great losses in the event of any damage to your property. If your contractor cannot provide you copies of his license or insurance, then say goodbye and look for a different one.

3. Ask For Referrals

Ask family, friends, and even construction workers you may know about the credibility of your contractor. Ask important questions like how they work with their clients. It’s also essential to check and see their previous work and whether the client was satisfied with it. If not, ask why.

4. Do They Have Experience?

Practice makes perfect, they say. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good contractor to make the best epoxy floor coating, you will have to find out how many epoxy floors they have installed. This way, there is no chance of hiring an unqualified professional for the installations. Let your references guide you.

5. Find Out More About Your Package And Their Methods

It’s essential to get value for your money. This will be seen on methods the contractor uses to install the flooring and also the result of their work.

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