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How to Repair Floor Coating

Floor coating aids in enhancing durability and strength to the floor. It entails combining resin with a catalyst to form a hard epoxy material applied on concrete giving the floor a good look and ensuring it doesn’t wear out easily.

When your epoxy is not well applied, there is a need to repair to achieve desired results. Hire a professional to do the task or do it yourself for significant results. Below are ways on how to repair epoxy floor coating.

1. Sand Bubbles

At times the epoxy might not be effectively applied, causing bubbles on the surface. The floor might lose peel off, leaving it with discolored patches. To do away with the bubbles, use a palm sander. Coating professionals have extensive skills on how to sand the floor and scratch the bubbles.

The primary objective of removing these bubbles or peels is to create a smooth surface that facilitates fresh epoxy coating. In a case where the bubble clusters are dominating, use the floor buffer. These tools are required for a short period; therefore, buying them could lead to high budgets.

Hire a professional epoxy coating company with advanced equipment to locate and sander all the bubbles until they are fully sanded. The sanding process might take one or more days, depending on the tools used and the area affected.

2. Sand Blasting

The bubbles can dominate your floor, giving it an undesired look that needs fixing to avoid extensive costs. Hire a professional floor coating company with a sandblaster to remove all the epoxy and apply a fresh to guarantee uniformity.

The sandblaster connects with the watering hose and the air compressor. It’s fitted with adjusting features; therefore, you can select a hard or medium blasting option. Hiring professionals guarantees fast epoxy removal, saving you a lot of time and money.

Fill up the holding tank and ensure the hired professionals has a sandblaster and an air compressor, which are the necessary tools for the job. Doing the job by yourself might seem like a good option, but it’s a bit expensive since you have to hire these tools, therefore, increasing the expenses.

3. Vacuum the floor and wipe with clean cloth soaked in recommended solvent

Use a shop vacuum cleaner to do away with any dirt and dust particles on the floor. When dirt is trapped in the epoxy, you will not get the desired results, and the coating will not be effectively applied.

After using a vacuum to remove any dust particles, pour some solvents to a clean rag and wipe the sanded floor. Professionals will guide you on the best solvents that aid epoxy application and prevents the bubbles from forming on the surface.

4. Apply new Coating

After cleaning up all the dust and removing all the bubbles on the floor, you are good to go. Easily apply the polyurea or epoxy floor coating on the affected areas or decide to apply to the entire floor for significant results. Add the catalyst to rinse and stir gently until you achieve the desired results.

Using a brush or high-pressure nozzle, apply the epoxy. It’s wise to work in sections to avoid some parts from drying off before rinsing. Use a wide roller to spread the epoxy over the floor. Start from the back and move to the front to avoid tampering with the coated areas.

Let the epoxy rest for some time as per the time limit provided by the manufacturer. Also, leave the room open to aid with ventilation. If the repair involves some areas that have peeled off, the same process applies, and the results are the same.

Bottom Line

Fixing peeling off areas and removing any bubbles on the floor should not be a brainstorming issue. There are several floor coating companies with trained personnel and advanced techniques to help you repair the floor and guarantee a brand new look.

The costs involved are relatively affordable since the professionals will use the company tools, thus saving you the hiring costs. The decision on whether to repair the entire floor is based on the damage.

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