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Polyurea/Polyaspartic Basement Floor Coating Services

Polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services have created a lot of industry buzz across the floor-coating, concrete-flooring and design industries. Unlike traditional epoxy floor coatings, Polyurea/polyaspartic coatings have very few or no VOCs, volatile organic compounds that pose environmental risks. The concrete industry has become a focal point for trendy flooring, and the advent of this relatively new product is a perfect fit for sealing your concrete floors safely and effectively to take advantage of cheaper and more durable floor option for garages, basements, workshops, home office spaces and creative floor designs.

Incredible Cure Rate and Other Benefits

Polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services offer many decorative benefits for design and concrete maintenance. Without getting too technical, the benefits of this unique type of coating include:

  • Higher tolerance to heat, such as hot engines and hot tires
  • Crystal clear, high-gloss finish that won’t blush due to excessive moisture in the concrete
  • 100% stability in the presence of ultraviolet light so that the finish won’t yellow when exposed to the sun
  • Resistance to scratches, abrasions and impacts like polyurethaneResistance to stains and common household and garage chemicals
  • Temperature range for applying the coating that ranges from -30° Fahrenheit to as high as 140° Fahrenheit
  • Strong bond with the concrete
  • Incredibly fast curing rate

The fast curing rate is both a benefit for customers and a disadvantage for do-it-yourselfers. The coatings can be applied year-round in basements, garages, homes and businesses that aren’t heated or cooled, but the spray-coating process isn’t user-friendly because it requires two coats within 25 minutes, which is the pot life limit. The process requires two people to manage the process, and it typically costs $2 to $3 more per square foot than traditional epoxies.

Professional Application Services for Sealing Concrete Floors

Using a professional company for applying polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services can save big bucks in other ways for homeowners and businesses by reducing the frequency of needed applications. The coating is never sticky, and you don’t have to wait for the weather to change to apply it. The fast drying time means that you won’t have to close your business to wait for the coating to dry – it dries in about an hour. The coating is 100% colorfast – even when applied to damp concrete – and it’s unlikely to suffer from bubbles caused by outgassing.

Concrete Floors for Home Design

The availability of this type of coating from professional service providers extends your decorating options for using concrete floors, which are inexpensive and durable, as well as capable of mimicking the look of expensive granite, marble and slate floors. Concrete floors have become popular home-design features because of their incredible versatility, flexibility, durability, low cost and easy maintenance after being sealed.

Concrete floors have almost no limits when it comes to decorative design. You can stain the concrete, mix in colors that won’t fade, stencil incredible patterns and create floor art. Getting a clear, glossy finish from a coating without any VOCs increases your design options and lowers the cost of interior design, despite the slightly higher cost of polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services.

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