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Polyurea/Polyaspartic Brewery Floor Coating Services

Polyurea/Polyaspartic brewery floor coating services are ideal solutions for getting a better sealing option for your concrete floors. Given the craft brewing trend, breweries are more likely to schedule tours and tasting events that expose your internal operations to scrutiny. Polyurea and polyaspartic sealers have long been used in exterior structures, bridges and truck-bed linings, but the sealers are great options for commercial and industrial floor coatings because they are more eco-friendly. The benefits of this sealing technology include :

  • Better resistance to impacts, scratches, stains and chemicals
  • Safe installation in a wide range of temperatures from -30° to 140°
  • 100% resistance to yellowing caused by exposure to the sun
  • Fewer problems with coating buildup
  • Resistance to heat caused by brewing processes
  • Incredible floor finish that’s crystal clear
  • Hardening rate that takes only minutes after applying the second coat
  • Fast drying time in an hour or less

These signature benefits make getting polyurea/Polyaspartic brewery floor coating services effective solutions for coating concrete quickly with little or no downtime.

The Benefits of Concrete Flooring in Your Brewery

Concrete has been used for many years in basements, patios and garage floors to provide functional flooring that lasts for many years. Advances in technology have created expanded options for concrete, such as more durable floors, multiple color options, etched surfaces, stained floors and inexpensive floors that look like expensive stone. The benefits of concrete floors in breweries are obvious :

  • Incredible durability and longer floor life
  • Easy maintenance once your floor has been sealed with polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services
  • Eco-friendly flooring because polyurea and polyaspartic coatings have few or no volatile organic compounds, unlike other sealers
  • Low cost of installing and sealing a concrete floor when compared with other floor materials
  • Extraordinary design flexibility for reinforcing your brewing brands and company concept

Your sealed concrete floor will last longer and require less maintenance, so the savings continue throughout the life of the floor. Concrete floors are the ideal solution for areas of heavy traffic, indoor/outdoor areas, and transforming your brewery into a suitable area for high-profile tasting events.

The Many Uses of Polyaspartics

The commercial applications of this amazing sealer technology include creating a concrete floor for commercial use that can supply up to 300% more abrasion resistance than an epoxy sealer. That makes polyurea and polyaspartic coatings perfect for concrete floors in industrial kitchens, brewery restaurants, high-traffic restrooms, brewery event centers and taprooms.

Installing versatile and well-designed concrete floors throughout your brewery space is the first step in building a destination brewery. Polyurea/polyaspartic brewery floor coating services can reduce your maintenance costs, extend the life of your floors and fine-tune your sealing strategy, based on each type of brewery space, such as brewing areas, restaurant, taproom, etc.

Coatings usually don’t work well on exterior stamped or stained concrete, but polyurea/polyaspartic basement floor coating services are natural alternatives to epoxy-based coatings. Epoxy can’t breathe because of its impermeability, and moisture buildup can damage outdoor concrete features. Polyaspartic compounds can be applied in a thickness of less than 6 mils, which makes coated surfaces capable of breathing, getting rid of trapped moisture and protecting stamped and stained concrete features that promote your brewery brand.

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