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Polyurea/Polyaspartic Salon Floor Floor Coating Services

Polyurea/polyaspartic salon floor floor coating services raise your game considerably in a busy salon atmosphere where hair and caustic chemicals routinely hit the floor. Concrete floors for salons provide great durability, easy maintenance and superior design, based on recent advances in concrete flooring options. It’s important to consider aesthetics and functionality in a high-traffic salon. Polyurea and polyaspartic sealers offer many benefits over traditional epoxy concrete sealers and raise the stakes in the beauty industry, where cutthroat competition isn’t always pretty but always present.


The Benefits of Polyurea and Polyaspartic Sealers for Salon Floors

Durability is not the only issue that salon owners face. Downtime for sealing your floor can be a major factor, but our team of professional sealers knows the business and provides one-day sealing service to limit downtime. We can give your salon a floor makeover in the fastest possible time using our advanced sealers. The Benefits of polyurea/polyaspartic salon floor floor coating services include :

  • Fast one-day floor coating service
  • Greater floor resistance to scratches, stains, salon chemicals, abrasions and impacts than epoxy coatings provide
  • Stronger bonds to the concrete, which make the coating last longer than epoxy
  • Almost instant hardening of the coating after applying the catalytic second coat
  • Never worrying about yellow floors because the coatings are 100% resistant to the yellowing effect of sunlight
  • A clear, high-gloss finish that will impress even the most catty customers<br />• Superior resistance to slips and falls
  • High tolerance to the heat generated by salon equipment

Our finishes comes in custom colors to match your salon floors and highlight any custom floor designs that you have incorporated into the concrete floor for branding purposes. The polyaspartic compounds deliver a high-gloss finish that is the perfect blend of form and function. Salon floors need to look fantastic in a busy atmosphere with heavy traffic, and polyurea and polyaspartic sealers are the best products for the job.

The Benefits of a Trendy Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are worth considering if you want to change your salon’s look, open a new salon or replace an inadequate floor. Concrete floors have become one of the most popular flooring trends in recent years because they’re highly functional, long-lasting and low maintenance.

Concrete can now be dyed any color you choose, and you can make the concrete look like slate, granite or marble floors for an elegant salon appearance.

You can also etch the concrete, You can add decorative engravings, graphics, your company logo and patterns. Stenciling, polishing, painting and staining are also design options. However, no concrete design is complete without a sealer to protect it and the floor.

Limiting Your Risks and Maintenance Needs

Salons often feature third-party operators who rent a place at the salon to provide beauty services. Sealing the concrete with polyurea/polyaspartic salon floor floor coating services reduces the risks of slips and falls, gives you the ability to make changes in floor design and provides a beautiful floor that resists all kinds of common damage. Your customers and associates will appreciate the look, and you’ll enjoy easier maintenance, fewer repairs and cheaper floor-maintenance costs.

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