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The best Epoxy Garage Floor Coating and How To Apply

what is the best epoxy garage floor coating

The epoxy coating consists of two elements, epoxy resin, which is also responsible for giving the coating color or making it a resistant coating and polyamine hardener. These two elements should be mixed before use.

  • The epoxy coating cures the floor of the garage. Mixing of the two components that create a reaction.
  •  The reaction fixes the ground and makes it hard and durable concrete.

The floor becomes resistant to staining, abrasion, and chemicals that may spill on the floor. The actual content of the proxy should be qualified to ensure the high performance of the epoxy. One hundred percent original content means a hundred percent of the product once the floor is cured.


The proxy coating can turn your garage from a regular dull floor to one of a kind beautiful professional floor.

Are you wondering what type of equipment to use to grind your floor for an epoxy coating

This can be a difficult task, especially with the dust and dirt that come with it unless you decide to invest in quality vacuum equipment.

They can be expensive and hard to use. With a whole bunch of them in the market, you can never be sure of the right quality item, they all claim to be quality tools for your home use.

The basics of how to apply an epoxy coating are not hard to learn, especially if you can quickly understand the finer details that come with these lessons and the task at hand.

Here is an economical way to grind your floor in a day or two before epoxy coating

Diamabrush concrete grinding tool

This is a tool produced by the diamabrush company. It attaches to the bottom of a floor maintainer.

You can get this tool for rental at various rental enterprises.

It has a series of blades attached to the wheel. The edges are the most essential part of this tool because they are the ones that abrade the floor to give the proper profile for proxy coating.

You don’t have to be on your knees to do this.

It comes with a separate removal tool that you can use to remove old paints. You can use it on a wet floor, but you can also attach a vacuum to grind the floor while it is dry. Grinding the floor is just one of the significant steps that had to be pointed out first.

  • Inspect your foundation for any signs of moisture.You ought to look for any signs of efflorescence on the floor, a powdery substance formed when moisture rises to the surface of the floor. If your floor has moisture, then you ought to conduct a calcium chloride test to see if your floor will qualify for epoxy coating.
  • The next step is to clean the floor to remove any greases. The presence of any oil on the floor will serve as a sealer by repelling water and preventing the epoxy from adhering correctly on the floor.
  • The next step is to profile the floor. This exposure of the floor’s pores for the epoxy to bond properly with the floor. You can do profiling by an acid etch or by grinding just as explained earlier with the recommended tool. And don’t forget to vacuum the entire floor If you decide on acid etching, then you should allow some time for the floor to dry completely before you begin applying the epoxy coat.
  • The next step is to make repairs to your garage floor. Fill in your contraction joints and repair those racks on your floor. Ensure the surface of the garage is smooth and flat. Here are some of the tools you may need for the processes; tarp for the mixing station, variable speed drill, mixing paddle, latex gloves, rags, MEK or acetone for cleaning up, paint tray and liners, chip brushes among others.
  • Once the floor has been thoroughly prepared, check if you have all the tools required and begin your epoxy coating application. Epoxy is influenced by weather, so seek professional assistance if need be and learn through various tutorials and professional articles before you embark on epoxy coating for your garage.

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