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What To Know About Epoxy For Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating ranks among the strongest finishes that can be applied to garage floors. As well as protecting the floor of your garage, it will immediately turn your mundane or unattractive cement into a gleaming floor of functional beauty. Suitable for commercial and residential premises alike, you can choose from a range of single hues and colors, along with customized blends of flaked colors that match your décor or favorite football team.

As a dual component product, epoxy consists of polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. Before applying it, you have to mix both parts together. Once you have done this, the time period for application is restricted by temperature and time. The resin in colored epoxies is tinted to provide color to the epoxy. Epoxies with no tinting go on as transparent coatings.

In contrast to paint, which requires drying time, epoxy goes through a curing process. After the mixing of the two parts, a chemical reaction starts that triggers exothermic curing. This reaction creates structures of polymer that are tightly connected, giving epoxy its’ outstanding toughness and strength. The final outcome is a layer of coating that exceeds paint in terms of thickness, and adheres vehemently to surfaces that are correctly prepared.

Where to Buy Floor Coatings

If you want to know where to buy epoxy floor coating, your local DIY store should stock it, but if not, you can always just buy it on Amazon. The thickness and ease of application of epoxy also depends on the solid content volume. This will be listed in percentage terms on the product label. That is to say, seventy-five percent solids epoxy indicates that three quarters of the product will be left on the floor, once it cures. Fifty percent solids indicates that half of the product will remain on the floor, once it cures. This is because the solvents or water (i.e. carrier agents) that are utilized in the product evaporate away, while the epoxy is curing.

Thick epoxy coatings are ideal for concealing small imperfections, like minor flaws and spider cracks on concrete. As a topical sealer, epoxy is anti dusting too. In garages, the majority of dust is produced from powder emanating from cement floors. Daily footfall on regular concrete will toss this powder into the air, allowing it to land on equipment benches, storage items and vehicles, and direct it into the home. Thanks to its’ durability, epoxy is highly resistant to chipping, impacts, stains, surface abrasion and chemicals. In addition, it resists moisture naturally. This is really helpful to people who reside in cold climates.

Diamabrush is a company that has developed a concrete preparation tool, of the same name, that fixes to the underside of floor maintainers. You can access this from a wide variety of rental firms. The Diamabrush will benefit you, if your garage floor is in reasonably good condition to start with. The product has a set of diamond encrusted blades, which are fixed to a wheel. The blades scrape concrete surfaces to produce the correct profile for epoxy coatings. It will take you under a day to do this, and this process is far safer than acid etching.

Both hobbyists and home mechanics are quick to lavish praise on epoxy coatings. Because these coatings are resistant to stains and chemicals, it means that brake fluids, oil, gasoline, anti freeze, and similar caustic vehicle chemicals are easy to wipe up with no problems — even if they are several days old. The garage floor will not be damaged by jacks, jack stands or rolling tool boxes either. Better still, due to their light reflective properties, epoxy design coatings brighten up garage environments, although this depends on the finish you opt for to a certain extent. You will have to give the epoxy time to cure, inbetween the different coatings you apply. Therefore, the timeframe to finish the project so you can use your garage is roughly three to five days.

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