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Why You Should Choose One Day Custom Floor Products

Getting a premium floor coating can be a nightmare, especially if it is exposed to oily components. Our Polyurea/Polyaspartic Dog Kennel Floor Coating Services are designed to offer a lasting solution from both cracks and stains, which might form due to oil spills. Using One Day Custom Floor polyurea products has several benefits which epoxy, an alternative flooring solution, might not cover comprehensively.

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Can withstand extreme temperatures and has a fast cure rate

One Polyurea/Polyaspartic Dog Kennel Floor Coating Services that is overlooked is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. You can apply the coating whether the temperatures are -30F or 130F. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until the seasons change so that you can apply the coating. The fast cure rate allows the coatings to be applied at an interval of one day instead of waiting for a week in extreme weather. If you use the garage easily, you don’t have to feel inconvenienced waiting for it to dry, which would have been the case of epoxy floor coating.

Resistant to scratch and abrasion

Our polyurea products are resistant to scratch and abrasion, which are common in garages. The sturdy floor formula comes in two layers, making it hard for scratches to damage the garage. There are several combinations of the floor coating, which makes it easy for the user to choose the one that suits all their needs at a reasonable cost.

Resistant to UV and chemicals

Some floors lose their original color when they are exposed to UV light. The floor material might react with the UV light to discolor the original color. On the other hand, the chemicals used in the garage might also cause the floor to lose the original color. Since UV and chemicals cannot be avoided in a garage, using polyurea floor coating can mitigate these effects.


The polyurea coating keeps the color of the garage floor intact even after exposure to UV and other bleaching chemicals. Besides maintaining the color, the polyurea coating also protects the floor from peeling off. One Day Custom Floor products are tailored to ensure that the garage floor remains sturdy even after it is exposed to UV components and abrasive chemicals.

Crystal clear finish

Another advantage of using the polyurea floor coating is that the finishing is always crystal clear. When applying the coating, some moisture might be trapped in the concrete, causing the floor to blush. However, the polyurea coating protects the floor absorbing the moisture, thereby making the floor to remain crystal clear.

Low maintenance cost

A polyurea floor coating has good wetting characteristics, which makes the cleaning process easy. Instead of using expensive chemicals to remove oil stains, you should coat the floor with the coating. The sturdy coating makes the floor withstand a frequent beating, which it goes through every day.

Bottom line

Although the polyurea is considered the best alternative to epoxy floor coating, it must be applied professionally for optimal results. Besides, the market is filled with counterfeit polyurea flooring solutions, and therefore, you should go for renowned brands such as One Day Custom Floor Products.

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