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"My best friend spent more on an epoxy floor that looks nowhere near the finish and quality of mine!"

- Jeb Fetters, One Day Custom Floors customer

One Day Custom Floors transforms your tired space into a masterpiece. You can refresh the look of your gym, work out areas, locker rooms, or walkways!

A gym you can be proud of.


Have you ever thought:

  • ...your workout floors could use a facelift?
  • ...your locker room flooring has seen better days?
  •'d like to have a long-lasting, quality flooring solution for your gym that can be installed in literally one day?
At One Day Custom Floor, we do just that. We provide a luxury service for you to help transform your regular space into something extraordinary.
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A better solution for any concrete type


Whether you’re looking to have your garage floor, patio, basement or even your laundry room floor revamped with a custom, high-quality solution, One Day Custom Floor can help.

  • Won't fade or turn yellow in direct sunlight
  • Guaranteed not to flake or peel for 15 years
  • Floors cure in 4 hours, can drive on in 24 hours
  • 100% Stain-proof
  • Water-proof and impact resistant

A Safe & Attractive Solution For Gyms & Workout Areas

Athletes of all levels work hard to every day to improve their performance. They train long hours, strive to eat right, practice self-discipline, and focus on their mental game. When it's time for the match, they want to make sure that all their hard work will pay off. They walk into the locker rooms with hope and courage. The facilities should be equal to their task. Every single detail of the arena must help them play well instead of deterring them. If the floor is becoming a liability, then consider getting polyurea/polyaspartic locker room floor coating services for the following benefits:

The Benefits of Polyurea Basement Resurfacing

Avoid Slip & Fall Injuries

Players may walk into locker rooms drenched in sweat from punishing training sessions or official matches. They might also be dripping with excess water after taking a well-deserved shower. Water or other beverages might spill onto the floor by accident. All of these can make floors slippery due to wetness. This is a dangerous situation that cannot be tolerated when the primary occupants depend on a healthy body for their future. If you are ready to make the switch, then consider polyurea floor coating with anti-slip aggregates.

Quick & Easy To Clean

Since teams can make a mess in the locker room, it would be great if the floor could be cleaned fast and easy. There could be several games in a day so multiple teams will need to occupy the locker rooms. The staff needs to make sure that everything is spick and span before the new occupants arrive. Polyurea coatings can be swept with a broom when dry and mopped when wet. There is no need for special chemicals to condition the surface. Simple soap and water will do.

Move with Confidence

Players need to be confident in their surroundings. After all, they are going to spend a lot of time inside the locker room while waiting for their match to begin. They will be walking around, performing their warmup routines, stretching their muscles, and so on. If they keep slipping around, then they are likely to stop to be on the safe side. This could compromise their performance later on. Give them a floor that inspires positivity and confidence. It should be the least if their worries since they have to focus on the task ahead.

Keep Athletes Healthy

The players need to stay healthy to prolong their careers and keep improving their game. They have to be in environments that help them do this. One issue with a lot of buildings is that they use materials that release volatile organic compounds over time. Examples include formaldehyde and phthalates. These can adversely affect the health of those occupying the buildings. Polyurea coatings do not have any of these VOCs.

Make Your Investment Count

Getting a new floor coat is an investment. With polyurea, you will be happy with the returns. This tough material lasts for a very long time. It will shrug off the presence of moisture, high heat, and harsh chemicals. Unlike other floor coatings, you won't need to reapply every few years. The surface will remain intact despite heavy use.

Easy. Long-Lasting. Happiness. Finished.


Every homeowner and shop manager feels their best when their space is clean. For that reason, all of our floor finishing systems are designed to give you that feeling of ease, peace of mind, happiness, and completion.

Any Cement. Any Location.

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Our Exclusive 15-Year Warranty

No Chips. No Peel. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very little mess is made. Our process is safe enough to use inside of hospitals. We begin by using a commercial diamond grinder that is hooked up directly to our vacuum while removing the top layer of the cement. This kicks up very little dust into the air. If we feel it will be a concern, we do cover items with plastic tarps.

We can resolve most chips, cracks and areas that may be subject to pooling with a mender that bonds to the cement. Since the mender is five times stronger than concrete, it is very unlikely that a mended crack will crack again or disturb the finished coating.

Our main diamond grinder does weigh around 1,000 llbs. If there is a way to access the basement through a walk-out basement door, an elevator or appropriate ramps, we can efficiently complete the project. 

If the diamond grinder cannot be easily brought into the desired location, we do have smaller, handheld devices that can be used to resurface the floors.

We provide superior products that add functionality and safety to every space. We are so confident in our products that we offer an exclusive "15-Year No-Chip, No Peel" warranty. If your floors chip or peel within 15 years after we resurface and coat your concrete, we will repair the chip or peel free of charge. Our warranty is not valid if the concrete slab loses integrity and develops a crack which damages the coating.

We are happy to communicate whichever way that you prefer through the means below:

That is up to you depending on the results you desire, how long you would like the product to last, and the amount of money you want to spend.

Painting your floor may be cheap ($1.75/sq-ft), but the surface can easily chip and fade soon after it is applied.

An epoxy floor coating may be less affordable at $3-$7/sq-ft, but is more likely to fade, discolor, turn yellow, and even crack since epoxy is not flexible. Epoxy floors can take up to seven days to fully cure before you can drive or put heavy equipment back on it.

Our Method: Poly-urea (base-coat) with poly-aspartic (top-coat) coatings, that we use, is "newer technology" than older epoxy techniques. When using this method, you get the strength of the poly-urea and the flexibility of poly-aspartic. Our coatings are in the same price range as epoxy floor coatings (depending on application) but are much more flexible than epoxy and 100% UV resistant - less likely to fade or yellow in direct sunlight. Poly-urea is also more resistant to most types of chemicals which makes it a great solution for garages, commercial floors, and industrial applications. Hospitals love us because our coatings are 100% anti-microbial and 100% anti-bacterial resistant. Poly-urea coatings can be walked on in 4 hours and driven on as soon as 24 hours after installation.

Whether wet or dry, our floor coatings are very slip-resistant and ideal for indoor (like workspaces) or outdoor (like patios and pools) scenarios. Although they look beautiful and shiny, the floors have a slight orange-peel texture that makes for a great gripping surface.

Most floors the size of a 1-2 car garage can be completed in as little as 8 hours. You can walk on our floors 4 hours after its completed and drive on the floors as soon as 24 hours after we are finished. Jobs over 1800 sqft may take up to two days to complete.

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